Ignorance delays treatment

Body Massage for small children is always recommended by doctors as it helps in strengthening good blood circulation and keeps their bodies and mind strong. Massage is a technique that should be done carefully by an expert or else it will have an adverse effect on the kids.

A 9-year-old boy named B. Purnananand who lives in an interior tribal village Labbangi Gunta in G.K. Mandal in Visakhapatnam district suffered from needless blindness throughout his childhood. When his mother was massaging his body with oil accidentally some of the oil went into his eyes leading to blindness. Sometimes wrong practices that are followed in body massage may lead to some serious problems.

Parents of the child were lliterates. Their daily wages depends on the sale of their millets in the nearby tribal market and they did not understand the disability in the eyes of their child. Seeing other kids of the same age happily playing worried them but they were also scared to show their child to an eye doctor thinking about the expenses it would cost them a fortune.

Sankar Foundation Eye Care Institute organized an eye camp in the tribal bet especially for children living in Chinhoptapalli. This gave new hope for the parents as they took their son to the eye camp and got him tested. The boy was diagnosed with mature cataracts in both eyes and was taken to the Sankar Foundation the very same day. Parents were worried about what to expect from the organization’s help but all those worries vanished when they saw the facility and the experienced doctors and staff.

The child was properly examined and got fitness from the anesthetist where he underwent surgery for his right eye. The outcome of the operation gave confidence to the child to walk once the bandage was removed the next day after the surgery. Both the parents and the child had tears rolling down and words were not enough to thank the noble act of the organization and the doctors for helping the poor tribals with free eye surgery and giving them a corporate eye treatment.