Patient Reviews

Good hospital. The operation went very smoothly. The doctors and staff are very capable. The AGM of the hospital Mr. Venugopal has done a wonderful job in guiding us about the lenses available which helped us choose the one which we could afford. Altogether it is the best eye hospital in Vizag. Affordable for all. Thank you so much.
Ram Swaroop
Service here is awesome and the way they treat patients is very much appreciated. If you are visiting for the first time, it takes around 2 hours to complete all eye checks. If required, the doctor will recommend further tests. Most of the medical insurance companies have this hospital listed for eye operations. An appointment is free for white ration card holders, but they need to bring the card. Otherwise, 200 will be consultation charges.
Michelle P.
I accompanied my grandmother to Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital in Visakhapatnam for her cataract surgery check-up. Being my first visit, I was unfamiliar with the procedures and was overwhelmed by the long queue. Fortunately, the attending doctor was very helpful and introduced me to Mr. Sridhar, a counsellor at the hospital. Mr. Sridhar patiently answered all my queries and guided me through the process until I was satisfied. I am grateful that we chose Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital for consultation and would like to thank Mr. Sridhar for his valuable time and detailed explanations. I also appreciate the hard work and dedication of the entire hospital team in serving the people.
Mr. R. Satya Kishore
One of the best hospitals in Vizag which treats patients with care and a human touch. On 18.09.2021 my father was operated for a right eye cataract under EHS scheme. The staff was devoted to duty and very friendly. Especially, Smt. Padmaja Madam (staff) who was at day care guided us and helped a lot with admission, allotment of room, smooth conduct of operation and discharge.
Arani Chandra Shekhar