Ophthalmologists from Multiple Departments restore Chanti’s Vision

A happy childhood turned into a nightmare for a young kid by the name Chanti. He hails from a tribal village Baddumamidi in Chintapalli Mandal which comes under Visakhapatnam district. Being a kid who loved to run and play and was unaware that his aunt was holding a half-burnt wood in her hand trying to get it out of the kitchen after cooking. The boy ran straight into his aunt and accidentally got struck by the burning stick. His right eye got injured and the whole atmosphere at home changed into a sorrowful pain listening to the boy’s cries. His mother rushed him to a nearby Government hospital that is 600 km away from their place.

He was tested by the doctors who had advised the parents that their son needs immediate surgery. Chanti’s mother got tensed listening to the situation of her son and started to think about their financial situation, her drunken husband, and the cost for the surgery. They decided not to go through the surgery and started to use eye drops as prescribed by a nearby doctor.

Chanti’s parents got a ray of hope when they heard about Sankar Foundation organizing an exclusive paediatric eye camp at Chintapalli. His mother was happy to know about the camp and took his son for a checkup. At the camp, they tested the child’s eye and advised the parents to get him to the hospital for further examination.

Once he was bought to the hospital the doctors did complete tests where he was diagnosed with symblepharon. It is a case of adhesion of the palpebral conjunctiva of the eyelid to the bulbar conjunctiva of the eyeball. Such type of cases needs expertise surgery involving cornea and orbit ophthalmic plastic surgeons under general anesthesia. Chanti’s mother was worried as she thought it would cost a fortune for the surgery and explained her inability to pay anything for the surgery. Sankar Foundation eye care institute has always been forward in terms of helping people regain their vision.

A counselor from the institute promised to help her son by all means. As her son was suffering from a fever he was asked to be admitted immediately at the hospital where further examinations were done and surgery was performed under general anesthesia, 3 expert surgeons from Cornea, Orbit Oculoplastics, and Paediatric departments with the kind support from Open Logix Corporation. Surgeons had to perform multiple surgeries for Cornea and lid reconstructions.

Once the operation was successful, Chanti was able to recover and happy to regain his normal vision. His mother felt very fortunate to come in contact with the right organization to transform their son’s life and giving him much more confidence in life.