Pravallika – a bundle of joy

Daughters are always a blessing to the parents. There is one hyperactive child by the name of B. Pravallika, a 3-year-old with an adorable smile, full of life, and always admired by her mother. She is the daughter of Mr. Kanaka Rao who is daily labourer working as an electrical decorating contractor in a village called Jilledupalem in Parawada Mandal. He was very much content in life with his wife and two kids from the income he earned.

Pravallika’s mother was shocked when she saw a white spot in both the eyes of her daughter while dropping her at an Anganwadi school. No sooner they noticed they rushed her to an eye hospital in Visakhapatnam. 

They were taken aback when they heard that the cost of surgery for both her eyes would cross over one lakh and a half which was out of their reach.When they came back to their village not knowing how to go further, some villagers advised them to take her to Sankar Foundation Eye Institute. Unaware of the outcome they brought their child to the Institute for a check-up. Their hopes blossomed when they were told them that the surgery would be done free of cost without spending a rupee through the Government Scheme YSR Aragyasree.

Once both her eyes were examined she was diagnosed with cataract and advised to get her right eye surgery done first under general anesthesia. In 3 months’ time, the second eye surgery was also completed and the bandage was removed. The quiet and serious atmosphere of the ward suddenly changed into a happy and joyful environment with the smiles of cute Pravallika and her brother. Their parents were in tears expressing their gratitude towards our services and giving back their life.