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Sankar Foundation Performs an Advanced “iStent” Glaucoma Surgery

Sankar Foundation, a multi-specialty eye Hospital, Naidutota, Visakhapatnam achieved remarkable success by performing an advanced “Glaukos iStent Inject Surgery -W Model” by the Glaucoma Department of the hospital. This model, a 3rd Generation Model of the patented design from Glaukos International, USA was introduced in India in November 2023.

The iStent has been implanted for successful control of pressure in a glaucoma patient in Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital.  The stent made from titanium metal, measures 360 micro meters. It is designed, made, and imported from the United States of America.    Approved by FDA,  USA in 2012 and upgraded in 2018 as much smaller, safer and effective,  and now being introduced in India.

iStent inject® W represents the next generation of Glaukos trabecular micro-bypass technology, which has been proven safe and effective in hundreds of thousands of eyes worldwide. It creates two bypass pathways through the trabecular meshwork, resulting in multi-directional flow through Schlemm’s canal, and is advancing the standard of care for glaucoma patients.

After a lot of careful preparations, doctors at Sankar Foundation performed the surgery with the latest model of the device and implanted in an eye very successfully.

The management of the Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital and its doctors complimented the glaucoma department for bringing in some of the latest advancements in the field of glaucoma surgery,  successfully by implanting the stent, a professionally satisfying and uplifting achievement.

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