Three-month-old undergoes successful cataract surgery

The most difficult part for any human, especially parents, is watching their child suffer from pain. They go through a hard time trying to fix it. That is really tough. There is a saying that helplessness in the face of a child’s suffering is a curse of parenthood.

Let’s see a couple who faced a lot of problems with their newborn son. It’s the story of Mr.Gowri Naidu and his wife Mrs. Komali who were happily married and living a peaceful life. Mr.Gowri Naidu is a private school teacher in Vijayanagaram and he was leading a happy and contented life from his earnings.

Both of them were so happy when a new member was to be added to the family. This was one of the best moments in their life which could not last long. Mrs. Komali noticed a white spot in her son’s both eyes who was just 3 months old. The parents were shocked and immediately took him to a hospital in Nellimarla. After some tests, the doctors told, the child has a cataract in both the eyes. This shattered the dreams of the parents and they were tensed. They were advised to take the child to Sankar Foundation where they have expert doctors who are well-experienced in surgeries, especially for babies and children.

When they brought the child to our hospital we performed all the examinations. The parents were first worried about how the hospital would be and the cost for the surgery, but they got relief once they stepped into the facility and saw all the personalized care and treatment that the patients and children received.

We have a separate paediatric department. Once our doctors explained about the child’s cataract problem and surgery method, the parents were relaxed. Yet in their heart the pain with the very thought of their 4 months old baby undergoing a surgery in both the eyes was hurting them. The baby underwent the surgery under general anaesthesia through the government

health scheme for the poor -YSR Aarogyasri Scheme Both the eyes were successfully operated within 1 week and the baby was able to see with glasses for better vision improvement. The parents thanked the doctors for the surgery, services and warmth that they received during their stay in the hospital.